The reason we exist is because the jellyfish will it so

like fabric softener dew on freshly mowed astro turf

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Name:SV Roulette
Birthdate:Feb 18
Aspiring for success as a singer, actress, filmmaker, painter....
If none of that works out: success as a dictator....I mean obviously.

Interests (52):

aliens, alnitak, alnitak aa, androgyny, assuming direct control, biotics, blowing up megaton, capnolagnia, crispin glover, cyberpunk, depeche mode, disappointing liam neeson, dublin dr. pepper, egyptology, friend of rachni, hater of deathclaws, heka, horsehead nebula, immortality, jeremy irons' voice, jeremy piven, ladderless pools, letting ghouls into tenpenny, making lj icons, malkavian craziness, michael wincott's voice, mister burke, mitch longley, nahman reedus, non sparkly vampires, pablo larrain, per gessle, rammstein, ridiculous fashions, robert carlyle, rum, sean patrick flanery, slava zaitsev, symbology, synthesizers, tenpenny tower, texas, the milky way galaxy, the prophecy, tsoukalicious, tsoukalos' hair, turian lover, vampires, villains, virgin prunes, vtm: bloodlines, wigs
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